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From the Deserts of the American Southwest...

....a stone so spectacular, history drowns in its unique hues of desert blush, ridges of amber and veins of jade green.

As the crown jewel of the marble family,

onyx is formed as a mixture of clay, carbonates and other minerals which have been transformed under intense pressure and heat deep inside the earth. Over time, the earth’s movements exert stresses on the stone, resulting in cracks or fissures that in turn produce the visible veins of color. Quarried in Arizona, U.S.A., Black Canyon and Grand Canyon Onyx has a breathtaking range of color with Grand Canyon Onyx resembling an aerial view of the canyon itself. However, it’s the jade green color found in the Grand Canyon Onyx that first put this onyx quarry on the map when at the turn of the century jade spheres were mass produced to serve as the gear shift knob in Henry Ford’s luxury automobiles. This quarry, once owned by a family of contractors who built Arizona’s State Capitol - has laid virtually dormant for decades.

Stoneworld Company Inc.

is the worlds only supplier of Grand Canyon and Black Canyon Onyx. In 2003, Arizona Onyx Co. was formed after extensive testing suggested that the deposits were in excellent condition for quarrying. The quarries are located just off of Highway 69 in Mayer, Arizona, U.S.A. allowing for easy access for trucks. Testing has proven that the quarry contains well over a million tons of High Grade Onyx.