Grand Canyon

Onyx Blocks

Onyx blocks
Black & Grand

Arizona Onyx comes in two varieties:
Grand Canyon Onyx, with layers of brown, red, white and green;
• Black Canyon Onyx, in black, gray, amber and white.

It takes about 1 million years to create a foot of the stone. Each layer reflects the sediment left when water flowed in and out of the area.


Grand Canyon Onyx Block


Onyx Blocks

Grand Canyon block

Canyon Onyx

Although the Arizona Onyx quarried at the site is said to be harder than typical onyx varieties, no blasting is necessary. Onyx blocks are extracted using a combination of drilling and diamond wire sawing. Water bags are filled to separate sections of stone from a quarry face.


When cut in the same direction of the vein, the surface will show the coloration of one layer (Cross Cut), and when cut across the vein, the surface will show multiple layers (Vein Cut). The blocks extracted from the quarry are suitable for slab and tile production.
Grand Canyon block

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Canyon Onyx Blocks